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Summer Lacrosse Rules

2017 Sound Shore Lacrosse rules

You must have at least 8 players to start a game. A team must maintain at least 2 offensive and defensive players in their respective zones. If a team doesnnt have 10 or more players by half, the official game is over but you can still play the second half for fun.

Game time:

Clocks must start at scheduled time of game even if teams aren't ready. Adult divisions and High School divisions play 2 25-minute running time halves. Penalty time stopped time. Stopped clock last 2 minutes of game.  If there is a 3 (or more goal) differential clock does not stop during the last 2 minutes. Penalty time is still stop time.


4 minute immediate sudden victory. If score is still tied after 4 minutes OT, play 1 man plus goalie Braveheart and the goalie cannot cross midfield. This goes until tie is broken no substitutes


High school flag down. Adult modified flag down, Play continues until defense possess it or it comes out of box.


All divisions receive 3 timeouts per game--2 quick 1-minute timeouts and 1 30-second (possession) timeout per game anywhere on field. No more than 2 timeouts per half

Long sticks:

High school division can have 4, adult divisions can have 6


All divisions sub on the fly, except time serving fouls and goals. No horns. 20 yard box. Player must be off the field before replacement player comes on.


High school-regular 20 and 10, and 2-minute stall is in effect. Adults-no counts until 2 minutes, then winning team has 20 to clear and 10 to get it in and they must keep it in high school box. This rule is NOT in effect if they are up by 3 or more goals

Face offs:

Both high school and adult are to use 2017 face off rules. No contact to stick or body of opponent.


Once ball crosses midfield with team possession and they touch it in the box it cannot come back across midfield line. Automatic loss of ball however play-on mechanic can be used if attack can immediately pick up ball.

Crease Regulation:

No jumping or diving into crease in order to score a goal.


High school mandatory including mouth pieces (this needs to be enforced dont penalize just tell him to leave field to go get it), Adult shoulder pads recommended arm pads are mandatory. All players except goal keeper must wear elbow guards. All chin straps must be buckled and helmets must have 4 points. Players without chinstraps buckled will be sent off the field to fix. All teams must have the same color jersey.


No fighting will be tolerated at fields. Anyone receiving a 3-minute expulsion foul will be thrown out and suspended from the next game.


2 point goal awarded to anyone who scores with both feet outside the restraining box.

Rain Policy

All games are on turf so if it's raining we will play. The only thing we stop for is lightning and thunder. If a game gets cancelled before game time it will be rescheduled. All weather related announcement will be done by the web site. If a game gets started and then stopped it will be replayed. If your team doesn't have enough players to start a game because it is raining and we can play it will NOT be replayed. If a games gets to half time it will considered a complete game. 20 minute delay after last lightning to start next game.

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